Zhejiang Sanmen wandeli ball Industry Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Sanmen wandeli ball Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is a sporting goods enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales and promotion of national fitness project. It is a long-term cooperative unit with the enterprise department of social sports center of the State Administration of sports and China Sports Association for the elderly.

The company was founded with the purpose of promoting popular volleyball entertainment for the elderly. For this special group, the company has carried out innovation and transformation in products to reduce the risk in the process of sports and achieve real healthy sports! Air volleyball is a native Chinese ball. It was invented in the railway system. It originally used balloons and then turned into yellow plastic balls. It is a relatively backward, low-level, imperfect and toy sports competition equipment. In 2004, the company scientifically matched the surface color of the sphere and changed the blowing valve core to the public valve core, which is both hygienic and convenient; For the air pressure data of air volleyball, the company has tracked air volleyball lovers for a long time, listened to the suggestions of professionals, and obtained a correct and reasonable data in the process of use.

In recent years, the company has made a lot of efforts in product innovation and transformation. Without affecting the ball quality, the company uses more environmentally friendly materials to produce products of different sizes, colors and weights for groups of different ages. There are small air volleyball used in kindergartens, which is light and colorful; The Heavy Gas Volleyball used by young people has good hand feeling and relatively fast speed, which meets the strength requirements of young people; There are also double-layer air volleyball with good quality and long fighting time. Make Gas Volleyball into enterprises, schools, units, etc.

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